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por mstz80ax en 13-08-2019, 10:11

This is a collection of utility programs for MSX-DOS. Contents:

  • Quick ADX Player - a player that plays an ADX file easily.
  • DIX Editor & Player - editor to create playlist “.DIX” files for “XPLA” players. Simple player functionality is also included.
  • Bsave Image Converter - converts image data in BSAVE format to IMX format.
  • Quick Image Viewer - displays the image file for each screen mode.
  • SC10 SC5 Combine - combine and save SCREEN10 and SCREEN5 mode images.


The previously uploaded program has been improved and new features have been added. There was a bug in the ADX player, so we fixed it.

MSX2, MSX2+, MSX turbo R. VRAM 128kB or more. For MSX-DOS or MSX-DOS2.
Copyright Mstz80ax. 8/2019

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Por Pac

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14-08-2019, 11:40

For those unaware, with the ADX player you can play single ADX music files for the XPL-A player. Perfect for a mass storage device + Multimente. Music available so far:

Por Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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14-08-2019, 12:39

Pretty amazing. ADX music drivert is closed specified music driver format, great project anyways!

Por Pac

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21-08-2019, 23:34

New tool DIX Editor & Player added and a bug fix in Quick ADX Player.

Por mstz80ax

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31-08-2019, 12:34

Bsave Image Converterにバグがありました。
There was a bug in Bsave Image Converter.
Only half of the converted IMX file image is recorded and the image is missing.
Do not use until a bug-fixed version is released.
I'm sorry.