WTB: CF or SD interface for MSX (or MSX2)

Por iainjh

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25-11-2010, 19:03


Ive got an MSX1 (hit bit HB 75b, 64k) - and have no floppy or expansions

I want to be able to load games etc from flash, ideally.. also ideally using my hitbit for now until I maybe /probably /eventually end up with an MSX2 from someone, or bas Wink

I've emailed sunrise about their carts on 2 email addresses i've found - both addresses bounced

no reply from evanson yet about his neat SD card solution

amanyoho /sinfox cant help (ta to him for reply)

anyone wants to sell on SD or CF card to sell on to me in the UK please that'l work? OR advise where to get a new card?

as above the ideal is it'll work with the hitbit and an MSX2 if I plump for one soon or later.

I've got a nice hitbit, be a shame to ebay it or junk it if I cant really use it!



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Por Leo

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25-11-2010, 19:27

with an msx1 you need rather an SD interface.
leonardo padial has some you can google "leonardo padial deneb" to find his site,the name of the cart should be something like lpe-mmc

Por iainjh

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25-11-2010, 22:03


I've emailed leonardo - hope he can clarify which model does what as the 2 card ones are quite a lot of cash.

any pointers still welcomed!

anyone else sell an sd card -type soluition that'll work without me having a floppy drive?

ta again! Smile

Por BeauDiGi

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26-11-2010, 08:40

Leonmard Padial makes a lot of nice things I see.Smile