Zero-Footprint-pc, it's all about looks, isn't it?

por Latok en 27-02-2003, 10:23
Tema: MSX Related

"Zero-Footprint-pc is simply a complete PC inside a normal size keyboard without the BULKY BOX. It is the logical and smart choice to the space constraint problems that exists in today’s offices. Traditional PCs take up valuable desktop space where Zero-Footprint-PC truly takes up Zero desktop space."

This is a quote from the official Cybernet website and it gives a product view of their new Zero-Footprint-pc. Now, doesn't this design look familiar? It certainly is a PC on which we would like to use the MSXPLAYer.

Probably, some of you already know this machine, the reason we want to give it some extra attention is the fact that it has also caught the attention of ASCII and they make a very clear comparison with the MSX.

To read the ASCII report and check out some nice pictures of the inside of this Zero-Footprint-pc, take a look here

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