Konami development tools revealed

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Por JohnHassink

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18-12-2017, 10:14

Szczepaniak wrote:

Who worked on it?

Regarding the soundtrack, and if this section of the wiki is correct - Hidenori Maezawa, Kinuyo Yamashita, Masahiro Ikariko and possibly also Kazuhiko Uehara.

Por Szczepaniak

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19-12-2017, 13:52

Thank you for the technical explanation. Sadly my footnote is pretty long, and I don't have much space.

Thanks for the link. Music credits are always iffy though, since they tended to move around in the company and just make music for whatever was needed, without being tied to the production schedule like a programmer or designer was (hence a lot of music was outsourced to freelancers).

Por Metalion

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20-12-2017, 19:29

TomH wrote:

If it helps to expand at all: it's a standard NTSC colour clock crystal, probably both because the TMS9918 can supply that clock and because those crystals were plentifully and cheaply available, and fairly close to the 4Mhz rating of the Z80. The MSX standard inserts an extra cycle into each Z80 M1 because all Z80 memory access cycles are three cycles long except the M1 cycle. M1 is "machine cycle one" — it's when the Z80 fetches the next opcode. That fetch is four cycles total but it's divided into two cycles to read the opcode, then two for DRAM refresh. If you chuck an extra wait cycle in at the start, you go from needing a memory subsystem than can respond in two cycles but only sometimes needs to, to just needing one that can respond in three cycles. So you can use cheaper RAM and/or slower intermediary logic. The Z80 announces the difference between an M1 cycle and any other cycle, so the extra logic is cheap.

Thanks a lot, Tom.
That's the most complete and logical explanation on that subject that I've seen so far.

Por FiXato

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27-09-2019, 12:41

bitsofbas posted a link to Arc Hound's Tumblr blog earlier on his Mastodon feed that included this article with a translated interview by Akira Yamashita/山下 章, a game journalist, with Shigeru Fukutake, manager of Konami's MSX department.
It includes a picture of the development room of Konami's MSX games:

Por Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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27-09-2019, 13:36

Nice photo. It is quite a large number of HP workstations.

Por Latok

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27-09-2019, 14:24

I expected a more colorful creative atmosphere Smile

Por Ivan

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27-09-2019, 19:34

Wow! Amazing content! Lots of inside info about Konami's MSX division and Konami's MSX games!

Thanks for the link FiXato! I recommend everyone to read it.

Por ro

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28-09-2019, 21:43

Yeah, https://thearkhound.tumblr.com had some great articles. Thanx.

Por Gradius2

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31-08-2022, 05:35

Sorry for bump, but...

A video popped out:

Por Gradius2

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31-08-2022, 05:40

All the rest here (brochures, prices, etc):

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