MSX mouse

Por alexworp3

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15-11-2015, 23:16

Does anyone has a spere MSX mouse.

Mine died a long time ago. (Iguess i forgot to feed it), and now i really could use one.

thanks in advance

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Por Wild_Penguin

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19-11-2015, 19:41

Hi Alex,

Did you notice this thread already? Not exactly what you are looking for, but it might help!

Por meits

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19-11-2015, 19:49

Could be a WORP3 catalogue product... I'd take one as well...
Should be a piece of cake for you guys Smile

Por o.geerdink

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20-11-2015, 10:34

Wanna trade an orbit for a msx mouse (and orphan puppy)?

Por zPasi

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21-11-2015, 16:21

That NYYRIKKI adapter design (Arduino based) is good and easy to build, I think.

But there are also ready made adopters on the eBay:

The latter is PIC based. I don't think it supports mouse wheel, but otherwise similar product.