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Por Rataplan

Champion (276)

Imagen del Rataplan

23-06-2017, 16:21

The best of luck, and may you have a good.and rapid recovery.

Por fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

Master (195)

Imagen del fernandomanuel.garciagarcia

23-06-2017, 16:24

Best wishes and fast recovery!

Por PingPong

Prophet (4088)

Imagen del PingPong

23-06-2017, 18:52

Good luck for your surgery, and my best wishes for a fast recovery.

Por N.I

Master (173)

Imagen del N.I

23-06-2017, 19:51

Oh! Best wishes. I hope you will go well.

Por Pippo

Hero (521)

Imagen del Pippo

23-06-2017, 20:20

My best wishes for a good recovery, Dear Friend.
Be courageous.
We all will wait for your healthy return.

Por maxis

Champion (512)

Imagen del maxis

23-06-2017, 20:39

Get well soon!
Wish you fast recovery!

Por Creepy

Champion (335)

Imagen del Creepy

24-06-2017, 13:39

The best of wishes and hopefully a speedy recovery!

Por Imanok

Paragon (1197)

Imagen del Imanok

24-06-2017, 16:08

Good luck with the surgery! Get well soon Wink

Por jltursan

Prophet (2619)

Imagen del jltursan

24-06-2017, 17:08

Come back soon, I wish you the best! Wink

Por wernerkai

Champion (357)

Imagen del wernerkai

25-06-2017, 03:55

Good news.

Our MSX-Friend Rafael Rigues told us the surgery was sucessful and now Fabio (sd_snatcher) is taking a rest OK at the hospital's room.

Big smile

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