Old New Stock #8: Impact BBS Promo #3

Old New Stock #8: Impact BBS Promo #3

por meits en 13-03-2018, 21:46
Tema: Software

Welcome to Old New Stock #8. This time we take you back to the year 1995. The 90s MSX scene was still in its peak years and BBSes were scattered all over the Netherlands. Some of them were online at night, some only during the weekends and some 24/7. Some of them even had echo mail, a system that sent messages to all attached BBSes every night so a BBS user from the north didn't have to login to BBSes outside his region to reach the south.

Some of the BBSes were affiliated with clubs, others were stand alone and then there was Impact BBS. A BBS representing a club that no longer was around. Omega, who was an Impact member during The Ant Demo, went on with his Techno Crew friends and kept Impact BBS going. This gang was responsible for quite some small demos showing off their skills. Impact BBS promo #3 was the biggest demo they ever did.

This demo brings back a lot of memories. Memories of still living with your parents, hijacking their telephone line by rolling out a long cable from the living room to the (was it?) man cave to download some files at 1200 baud, chatting with the sysop, reading the messages and shouting "ALMOST!" down the stairs when your mom yelled if you were done yet... We're talking keeping the phone line busy here ro... ;)

For those who never watched this demo, please do so. For those who did, please watch it again. But for all of you goes: better not call the mentioned phone number because the BBS is no longer hosted.

Relevant link: Impact BBS promo #3

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  • Old New Stock #8: Impact BBS Promo #3
  • Old New Stock #8: Impact BBS Promo #3

Comentarios (14)

Por Latok

msx guru (3929)

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13-03-2018, 22:40

Sweet posting Smile

Por Pippo

Hero (521)

Imagen del Pippo

14-03-2018, 07:50

Very, very Great!! Big smile Big smile
Real beautiful demo with sweet music!
Wonderful!! Big smile

Por ro

Scribe (4924)

Imagen del ro

14-03-2018, 07:52

yes, that long cable running from room-to-room.... yes, mom. I know, mom. It'll be short, mom.
haha. nice post J-man.

Por Omega

Master (233)

Imagen del Omega

14-03-2018, 11:52

Thanks, Pippo Smile

And thanks to Meits for posting this!

Por hamlet

Scribe (4106)

Imagen del hamlet

14-03-2018, 12:43

Haha! Verry nice!

Por ren

Paragon (1932)

Imagen del ren

14-03-2018, 15:47

Nice series Meits (Metis) Wink

Por TheKid

Paragon (1238)

Imagen del TheKid

17-03-2018, 11:03

Nice demo, didn't know of it's excistance. Nice topic aswell, shining light in some old stuff Smile

Por KdL

Paragon (1450)

Imagen del KdL

17-03-2018, 18:59

ro wrote:

yes, that long cable running from room-to-room.... yes, mom. I know, mom. It'll be short, mom.
haha. nice post J-man.

It happened for a long time here! Wink

Por Manuel

Ascended (19330)

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17-03-2018, 21:27

I recognize that cable. And I still have it! Totally useless nowadays of course Smile

Por BlueCrystal

Expert (101)

Imagen del BlueCrystal

21-03-2018, 00:10

Just going into nerd mode here (guess that is allowed), but why is there Ducktales stuff on this disk?

Por meits

Scribe (6535)

Imagen del meits

21-03-2018, 02:37

I must have copied the DSK of Ducktales on my desktop and emptied it to fill it with the content...
Quite embarrassing... I'll see to it that this won't happen again in future small demos put in a DSK file Wink

Por slowerisbetter

Master (194)

Imagen del slowerisbetter

09-04-2018, 11:09

Brings back memories... Wish I had my demos from my BBS (I ran Cobra Base in the Netherlands, and yes, that was on my parents phone line; open in the night 22:00-08:00 and all day sunday if I remember correctly on 03456-9656, again if I remember correctly) still, but they were lost when my parents threw out the box of disks when moving...

Times have changed though Smile This runs crazy well on my ancient (2011) PC:

https://bit.ly/2qiwlVN (link to webmsx with link loaded; had to shorten it as it didn't work without that)

Por meits

Scribe (6535)

Imagen del meits

09-04-2018, 17:51

I'm too much in offline MSXing in stead of webmsx. I like that it exists, but it misses something. In this case it misses the MSX Audio. That's quite an essential part of the presentation.

Por slowerisbetter

Master (194)

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09-04-2018, 19:45

I'm not suggesting to use this for all emulation purposes (or even use emulators at all for that matter), but that it actually works always surprises me anyway.