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Por Tolvatar

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30-11-2018, 12:33

Hello there.
This project begin in 2015 and grow during this years, now we have scans for 850 unique titles (mostly spanish) and about 1000 of them including variations.

A little explanation of the project:


Preserve all the possible graphic material of our MSXs, both games and varied software and books if possible.


Everything possible, cover, back cover, sides, manuals even in Swahili if you can, tapes, cartridges. In short, everything.


The final result must be in PNG format at 300dpi. For this it is best to scan at 600 dpi, then straighten and trim the image. Finally it would proceed to reduce to 300 dpi, more than enough size to appreciate all the material in sufficient detail.


Each game or program in its folder, and within it the different distributions it had.


The folders will have the following format: Name (Developer, year) \ Distributor [Format] [Shortcomings] - Other information

Name - The full name of the game, putting the article, if any, at the end. So "El Capitán Trueno" we would rename it as "Capitan Trueno, El".

Distributor - Different editions will be distinguished many times by who distributes it. For example we have the double-box edition of Alien 8, distributed by Ultimate itself, and the case format distributed by Erbe.

Format - We will put N for normal boxes, the jewel case, D for the jewel case doubles, E for the cases, M for the medium cardboard boxes, G for the large cardboard boxes, C for the cartridges and DSK for the diskettes.

Shortcomings - We will mark P if the cover is missing, I if the instructions are missing or C if the tape or the cartridge is missing.

Other data - Everything that may be relevant or that allows us to better distinguish the edition that we have uploaded.


- I have El Capitán Trueno in his brand new large cardboard box, which unfortunately is very damaged.

Capitan Trueno, El (Dinamic, 1988) \ Dinamic [G] - Damaged cover

- I have the Temptations, in your jewel case, normal box.

Temptations (Topo Soft, 1987) \ Erbe Software [N]

- I am the lucky owner of La Abadía del Crimen of Mr.Chip, but in his day I dropped the tape of the case and now I can not find it, besides losing 400 euros: P would put:

Abadía Del Crimen, La (Opera Soft, 1987) \ Mr. Chip [E] [C]

- Real case, I have the "very rare" F-1 Zigurat (it really is from Diabolic), but I do not have the box or the tape, but I know it came in one of those typical Zigurat medium boxes.

F-1 (Diabolic Software, 1991) \ Zigurat [M] [PC]

For any suggestions, comments, contributions or whatever use this thread or contact me at:

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Por Tolvatar

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30-11-2018, 12:36

And here are what we have at the momment:

Numbers and 3D boxes

My plan it´s to make updates when we have enough stuff to do and release a DAT file for any of the rom auditors existing (Romcenter, clrmamepro....)
Again, please, leave your comments, suggestions and everything else here or on my email.

Por Grauw

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30-11-2018, 14:35

Tolvatar, very awesome! This type of preservation is very important I think, and especially for Spanish cassette games I think there are a lot that nobody’s scanned yet.

It’d also be great for these to appear on! And maybe too?

Por hamlet

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30-11-2018, 15:06

Thank you so much for this important work Tolvatar!

Por Tolvatar

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30-11-2018, 15:16

First. The work it's not mine. User Araubi begin this project and work very hard on it with the help of others like Pablibiris and more people.
But in these days he move to another project and i try to help keeping the project alive

Second. It's an open project, anyone can take any scan and use ir on their own web or work unless to make profit, so images can be added to generation MSX without problem.

Por uberjack

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30-11-2018, 16:45

This is pretty amazing work, thank you

Por rderooy

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30-11-2018, 17:18

Tolvastar, perhaps it would be best if someone involved with this project had access to GenMSX to add and update Spanish releases. I have access, but don't have time for the near future to process such a massive update ;-)

If someone involved is interested let us know, and I'm sure access can be provided by Sandy.

Por Tolvatar

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30-11-2018, 17:54

Time it's the big problem for all of us.
Araubi left the project for lack of time, i have twins with 6 months so my free time it's near zero.
At this moment theres no more people working on the project.
I can't contribute with gen-msx at this moment. Sorry

Por JasonLee

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30-11-2018, 19:34

What I downloaded at the moment, I still can´t contribute, you guys seem to have what I have. I´ll check my old files

Por meits

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30-11-2018, 20:17

It's a bit like what I do once in a while put a little time in, but them quite more extensive. I have some updates in the pipeline, but at my "pace" I'll never reach the 800

Por Tolvatar

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30-11-2018, 21:57

@JasonLee. I know there are new files, but o don't know how many from lady update
@Meits. Can i download your preserved stuff and add It to the project?

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