Is SuperSoniqs still active?

Por raymond

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25-03-2019, 20:59

Does anybody know if SuperSoniqs is still active? As they do not react on orders or e-mail.

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Por meits

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25-03-2019, 21:15

They are still active and quite much so. There's just some internal reorganizing going on but all have the mindset of "full steam ahead". Don't worry, they're here to stay for long.
I would've liked to say something in defense of the mail contact, but I can't. Mail should be answered within reasonable time. Ofcourse the term "reasonable" is subjective.

Por hamlet

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25-03-2019, 21:21

As I know they are light years behind.
It took an eternity, however, they finally answered my email. Probably they were tired of getting emails from me every day. I suppose the operators make use of their right to privacy from time to time. Nice company, nice products.

Por Sander

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27-03-2019, 13:49

In short: two times surgery after car crash, shifting assembly lines, building webshop and a lot of new products coming. Give it a few weeks more.

Por alexito

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27-03-2019, 14:14

I'm glad to hear that. God Bless you Sander.