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Farm is a simple simulation game for MSX1 written by forum member N.I
Your object is to keep the insects alive.
You can erase the stones. The insects can move more easily by erasing the stones.
When the insect eat the bud, it will grow up.
The insect will become the stone after a while.
When all the insects died, the game is over.
You can change the several parameters on the initial screen. They bring the game to various states.
The downloadable archive includes the BASIC files and the ROM file for MSX emulator.

Relevate link: MRC dowload database

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Comentarios (3)

Por CASDuino

Champion (330)

Imagen del CASDuino

24-11-2019, 22:55

CAS version can be downloaded from here. Converted using CASlink3 and the .BAS and .BIN files.

Por N.I

Master (175)

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25-11-2019, 09:53

Did hamlet create the cover art? It goes well with the game. Very cool! Thanks a lot.

Por hamlet

Scribe (4106)

Imagen del hamlet

25-11-2019, 10:29

Thanks N.I, it is a pleasure to support your work!