WTB Sony F700S

Por ibantxuyn

Expert (127)

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18-04-2020, 19:50

Hi ya!

I would like to buy the MSX2 model Sony F700, complete pack with keyboard.
If the monitor is included (or another peripherals) I'll buy those as well.
I've no problems with high prices.

Thank ye.

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Por hamlet

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18-04-2020, 23:44

Not an S but surely worth to take a look at.

Por magicman

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18-04-2020, 23:52

I have A Sony F700P boxed. But has video problem and some keyboard buttons doesn`t work

Por ibantxuyn

Expert (127)

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03-05-2020, 14:59


Sorry for the delay in reply!

I'm looking for the F700S model with at least with the keyboard layout in ES / UK / US

Thank ye!