News about the sequel of the Maze of Galious

Por Francisco Telle...

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06-02-2021, 18:48


If you never heard about this sequel, please have a look at the project specs.

Latest news:

Our main tester, whose fav game is MoG, has already finished the PC version of the MoG sequel.
Good news: he loved it and, afer the changes we made, he didn't find anything to remove,change or add. That means that no major changes in gameplay are to be made.
Minor changes would be made only if another tester found something too hard (boss or riddle).

Next step is to finish the missing graphics of the game (bosses, intro and ending), finish some missing music themes and create all SFX.

Once all material is ready, we will port the entire game to MSX.

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Por Randam

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06-02-2021, 19:26

Great news Francisco. And You can already note me down for a copy of the msx and other systems. I can't wait to play this game!!!

Por Pablibiris

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06-02-2021, 21:52

Impatient to be able to play it on MSX Wink

Por Francisco Tellez de Meneses

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09-03-2021, 08:58

Today I'm starting to code the MSX version of the game in Assembler.

Por ren

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09-03-2021, 17:45

Good luck / have fun!

Por santiontanon

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Imagen del santiontanon

09-03-2021, 17:58

Wohoo!! Best of luck!!! This project is advancing so fast!!!

Por valkyre

Paladin (699)

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09-03-2021, 19:33

Thats great, can't wait to see it.

Por tfh

Prophet (3426)

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09-03-2021, 19:43

Looking forward to the first results! (and also the final results of course!)