And slowly MSXdev'21 entries drop in... the fourth entry just boarded. From Spain we get the very colorful action-rpg game called "Tortilla Sunrise", or "Conexion Tortilla" as the original title tells us. Yes, a dual-language game with English and Spanish texts.

The developers group “Tortilla Yonkers” enters with a game that takes us to a perilous adventure, and makes us face remarkable dangers – all in classic platforming style with puzzle elements. As it’s a lot harder than it looks, this guarantees a lot of playing time!

Contestants have until the end of August to submit their entries. If you are enjoying this MSXdev game, why not consider donating to the price money. 100% of the donations will go to the game developers.

The MSXdev21 contest runs from Jan 1st to Sep 1st, 2021.

relevant link: Tortilla Sunrise
relevant link: Play online

Comentarios (9)

Por hamlet

Scribe (4106)

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11-04-2021, 20:54

Pretty hard, isn't it? Death comes calling already in second screen. oO

Por Gig71

Expert (78)

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11-04-2021, 21:12

Yes, Very Nice and very Hard game.
I think it will be better to have standard controls, cursor keys space and f1 for pause.
maybe joystick support too.

Por htdreams

Champion (298)

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11-04-2021, 23:37

Very simple (in a good way) and hard game, i've reached screen five in just some quick plays

Por santiontanon

Paragon (1771)

Imagen del santiontanon

12-04-2021, 03:51

Wow, hard indeed!!!I made it to screen 5 or 6 (the one with the 4 unicorns), but that's about it! The second screen took like 10 lives to pass haha.


Master (140)

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12-04-2021, 10:31

I've made it to screen 2, whoohoo

Por salutte

Master (164)

Imagen del salutte

12-04-2021, 15:27

Woooo!!!! Guys, there's more than meets the eye! I just finished it, and it's amazing!
Congrats to the authors!

Por ray2day

Paladin (733)

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14-04-2021, 20:20

Really nice game! Controls you can pre-define, so that's good. Smooth gameplay. Hard game, but very cool!! Cool A welcome entry to MSXDev and the MSX world! Congratulations. Good work!!

Por ro

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19-07-2021, 09:52

Por tono4

Rookie (21)

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18-09-2021, 10:29

Same here: screen with 3 unicorns is really difficult! I am blooding just to get to the middle of it!