msx non konami games with konami level "quality"

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Por Randam

Paragon (1431)

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18-04-2021, 20:14

Maybe if you are looking for that look at european games that got released back in the day in Japan. Like break out, breaker breaker, skooter, boulderdash etc

Por andrea.denara

Expert (73)

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19-04-2021, 09:02

I'm sorry but I don't agree with what you report (they seem to be porting of ZX Spectrum). In my opinion, Compile \ T&E and Bit2 games in general have similar qualities to Konami. Also worth mentioning are some Homebrews (Uridium, Zombie Incident and many more), even the firsts Activision's (HERO for example is the best in the 8 Bit category), then the excellent Bomb Jack comes to mind.
Paxanga Pengo is another.
In general I don't like ports from ZX Spectrum because in my opinion they detract from the MSX

Por PingPong

Prophet (4086)

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19-04-2021, 09:53

i've excluded japanese companies, like Compile, T&E already. I'm focusing on some european/spanish sw house used to do a straight conversion from ZX.
I'm also looking for spain/european productions that are exceptions to this rule.

Por dan

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19-04-2021, 20:29

much better than konami's: hamlet's christmas quiz

Por hamlet

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19-04-2021, 21:13


Por Briqunullus

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19-04-2021, 21:18

Will we have a Christmas in July?

Por Wild_Penguin

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20-04-2021, 10:21

Games made by Electric Software are at least worth a mention. Shark Hunter is a gem IMO, Barn Stormer is another one albeit it is a bit weird, music which will get on your nerves and somewhat clunky controls, but I believe it is all done on purpose (the game seems like a bit of a joke in some ways - opinion may be divided! Big smile ).

In Europe, there indeed was the disease of ubiquitous Spectrum ports. MSX was (in the grand scheme) a minority computer in a time where there was a lot of competition, at least in the eyes of larger software companies. Consequently, they tried to do minimal-effort ports. In Japan, MSX had a larger market share, and we can see the result. But I believe this has been discussed to death before here on this forum...

Por ~mk~

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20-04-2021, 17:26

I particularly like Bytebuster games (Break In, Hype, Skooter...)

Por PingPong

Prophet (4086)

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20-04-2021, 20:20

Wild_Penguin wrote:

But I believe this has been discussed to death before here on this forum...

yes, already discussed, i was only looking for a list of titles (like the ones you mentioned) that are exception to the rule

Por qwerty69

Resident (36)

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20-04-2021, 23:33

breaker is an excellent european game by radarsoft. it is an original twist from the arkanoid theme.

we have excellent ultimate games: alien8, gunfright...
jack the nipper also comes to mind by gremlin.... who dares win, of course... camelot warriors by dinamic.

a game that brings me fond memories is spectra trader, an original game by spectravideo in which you have to commerce with space goods. it is programmed in basic!

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