Last chance to buy from Matra

Por Thom

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20-04-2021, 09:23

It seems Matra is ending business soon. That's another blow after Micromancers quitting the scene... Crying

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Por Alejperez

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20-04-2021, 10:07

There are some new products in the shop, MSX, Amstrad, Spectrum. AFAIK, @star2024 is leaving, but the shop will continue with new people. Of course, not sure about possible changes in the future...

Just in case, I have ordered some stuff..

Update, I see there is an "escrow" twitter account.., so, no idea about the future of Matra shop.

Por Thom

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20-04-2021, 10:09

Yeah, it's a bit confusing (again). On the third slide they say: "The end is nigh. Take the opportunity to buy before it's too late".

Por gdx

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20-04-2021, 11:05

Is the production of cartridge cases stopped?