Instructions to repair or replace HB-F900 Floppy Drive(s)?

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Por Repair-Bas

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16-05-2021, 09:56

I can help you by video-chat, please sent a pm

Por BitSquad

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18-05-2021, 14:59

Right now, I'm waiting on a Kryoflux that I ordered. It may take a little while to get here from the UK, but it seems like a much easier method, and I should be able to use my NOS disk drive with that without modifying. I live in a rural area of the USA, so finding someone to help me solder vintage electronics is a near impossibility.

@Bas, I was a bit confused about the email you sent me due to the translation. I'll reach out to you on whatsapp but I am nervous about attempting electronics repairs. I have no soldering skills and I don't think I could pick out the difference between a cap and a resistor in a line-up. I love technology and I've done a bit of programming in my life, but I never learned to repair electronics and the thought scares me!

I'm not giving up on this disk preservation though, even if I do have to take an alternate route to get there. I am, however, extremely nervous that the disk will be bad.

Por Accumulator

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10-03-2023, 22:57

For the Sony HBF700 I used among others a Newtronics Co. Ltd, MITSUMI, D359T5.

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