Mr. Ghost in Disc Station SP #2

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Por ~mk~

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19-05-2021, 20:50

Yeah, not an easy task.
Perhaps it wiser to use a different approach, e.g. using mcolom's lstate.
At least for MSX1 games.
Thanks again!

Por journey

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20-05-2021, 14:56

alexito wrote:

Fixed MR.COM (replaced LDIR with LDDR)

this version is not 100% tested but works at first glance.

Google drive ---> LINK


Tried with Zemmix Neo + EP.COM but after few seconds, it freeze at the title screen ;(

Por sdsnatcher73

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20-05-2021, 17:07

Actually, if you take the original disk version (as available on TFH) and copy U0*.* from DS Special 2 disk 1 to this disk you get a working version.

Actually that disk version (indicated as Mr Ghost 2) seems to already have been taken from the Disk Station Special....

Por alexito

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20-05-2021, 18:58


Already tested on Zemmix Neo but what I did was to copy the files from .DSK version to a New Directory (mrghost) on SDCARD.

PS: Zemmix Neo (2048KB RAM) with MSX2+ BIOS and TurboR BIOS Tested successfully

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