Games that you did not understand but played anyway

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Por Randam

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12-06-2021, 07:58

@-mk-: you do know there is a translation for Woody Poco right?

It will still be a hard game but it is finishable...

Sa-zi-ri is indeed a hard game to understand; I had problem with it back in the day too. And sorcery I played so much to finish it because I liked it. But I found out that the version on 30 MSX hits on disk was faulty even though it was an original. Vertical doors could not be opened. I have looked years and years to finally find a good version... Hard Boiled I never had any trouble with. I am quite good at it and played it quite a lot. I know many of the alt spots where items are. Ordinarily I can just beat the game every time I boot it.

Por TheKid

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12-06-2021, 10:50

Well, maybe not the best example but I always loved to play daiva, until you have to do the planet battle with robots. I found it hard and never got the point.

Por Sepulep

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12-06-2021, 15:13

well, I kept loading up Amaurote for the phenomenal music..hoping I would figure out the controls (later i figured it was bugged)

Por ~mk~

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15-06-2021, 16:03

Randam wrote:

@-mk-: you do know there is a translation for Woody Poco right?

I remember having read about it! Thanks for the reminder, though.
I should definitely give it a try in English and see how far can I get.
Nowadays we have so many options! I mean, games to choose from, either translated or games we couldn't possibly even know existed.
One that I would have loved to play back in the day (and now can, and in English!) is Welcome to Heaven.
I want to take the opportunity and express my gratitude to people improving compatibility and translating these incredible games.
If only we had the same free time we used to have... !! :)

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