TSX support in OpenMSX.

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Por pgimeno

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21-09-2021, 23:36

bore wrote:
pgimeno wrote:

Just for fun, I generated an IPS that applies to the conversion of the TSX to WAV. It's 326,732 bytes, compared to the 20 bytes that the above IPS takes.

How did you manage that?
Even if we disregard the IPS overhead an 8-bit @ 4800Hz WAV should only grow with 4 bytes per bit, it comes down to 640 bytes.
Where does the other 300k come from?

It may be a quirk of the tsx to wav converter I'm using (it's one in PHP); thing is, it doesn't always generate pulses of the same length, causing the file from the point of the patch on to have many differences.

Por manolito74

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18-12-2021, 15:24

Hello again,

We go on working in the TSX Format and creating more and more TSX Files. ;-)

We have udpated our TSX Web with more games and we have now more than 400 TSX Games. You can find them here:


We have a lot of TSX games more already created, pendind of revision to upload at our Web. ;-)

If you want to help us and you have a "MIA" Game (a Game not converted or available) you can help us creating a Wav of the original Game and contacting us. ;-)

Unfortunately the authors of the Open MSX haven't included yet a TSX Support in the last version of their Emulator, so until that moment arrives you can use our Fork version of the Open MSX with fully TSX support. ;-)

Thank you very much indeed. ;-)

Gracias & Saludetes. ;-)

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