V9958 replacement

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Por PingPong

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08-11-2021, 21:21

about the rational : "even with a ehnaced vdp this would not be a benefit because i still program for v9938" sound me like certain people saying : "i do not care because i still code for msx1".
Well, YOU STILL CODE FOR MSX1, not the rest of the comunity.

To take for example F18A there are people that code and enhance old games for the F18A. I do not understand why TI/99 users do it and we MSX users should or must not do the same.

Por orisis

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08-11-2021, 21:39

ivke2006 wrote:

Well it’s almost Christmas LOL! . Just an replacement would be fine for keeping existing MSX computer alive.
Perhaps same functionality but with higher speed.
Not sure if a ‘turbo-VDP’ would create all kinds of timing issues.

Well, we have sinterklaas first, but turbo mode can be register bit which is default off, to be compatible by default.

Por Parn

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09-11-2021, 06:09

I think if the use of new features is sufficiently easy, there is a higher chance that existing games be altered to use them. It could also attract some programmers who may be frustrated by some of the aforementioned VDP limitations. Doesn't seem like a waste of effort to me.

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