SCC waveform sample rate

Por Mr.Mouse

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02-02-2022, 19:21

Hi all,

Just a question about the SCC waveform.

So I understand that the frequency for a channel can be calculated using

freq = clock / (32 * (period+1))

Since a waveform in the SCC is 32 bytes, or samples, does that mean that the frequency refers to a complete round of the waveform sample table?

So in other words, a frequency of completing the 32 byte samples?

Taking A4 (440 hz) as example, does it mean it we complete the full waveform pattern 440 times per second?
Meaning that the sample rate (of fetching the next sample for output) is 440 hz * 32 bytes = 14080 bytes/second?

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Por Parn

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03-02-2022, 12:10

That seems correct.

Por Grauw

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03-02-2022, 13:18

Yep, indeed.

Por Mr.Mouse

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04-02-2022, 22:43

Ok great. Thanks. Then my code is ok.