"Pampas & Selene in the maze of demons" - gameplay video + register

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Por Grauw

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06-02-2022, 15:05

Francisco Tellez de Meneses wrote:

¡Hello everyone!

Nenefranz and I are about to finish a sequel of "the Maze of Galious" for MSX2 called "Pampas & Selene in the maze of demons". It's a project we've been working during the last year, and we're very excited and proud to show it now that it's nearly finished.
This is a small video of the gameplay (voice is in Spanish, but there are English subtiltes). I hope you like it!

Link to video on Youtube

As nowadays it's getting harder and harder to get components to build cartridges, we will order them soon. To do so, we need to know who is interested in having a copy of the game.

Would you like to order a copy? If so, please send us an email to unepicgame@gmail.com with "pampas" as subject, and we'll include you in the list.

That's all for now! Thank you!

Oh, I’ll definitely get a copy! It looks great!

Por santiontanon

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06-02-2022, 18:31

Amazing! email sent! Smile

Por max_iwamoto

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06-02-2022, 18:46

Looks awesome! Ordered!

Por aoineko

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06-02-2022, 23:49

Wow... It makes me very excited!

Por gdx

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07-02-2022, 01:15

Well done! All the ingredients that made a good Konami game seem present.

Por tingis53

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07-02-2022, 11:53

Mail sent , waiting for news
Thanks for tour work

Por Sandy Brand

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07-02-2022, 13:56

That looks great! Smile

Por M-A-D-M-A-X

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07-02-2022, 18:53

Nice Smile

Por ren

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07-02-2022, 19:10

Definitely cool, although the title you've come up with (I remember discussing it) I find rather 'meh'

Por Francisco Tellez de Meneses

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10-02-2022, 11:30

ren wrote:

Definitely cool, although the title you've come up with (I remember discussing it) I find rather 'meh'

Yeah, finding a cool title is the hardest part of creating a videgame.

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