Simple Mitsubishi GL30 keyboard connector (to use philips keyboard instead)

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18-03-2022, 18:48

I made simple keyboard connector for Mitsubishi GL30, as I did not have GL30 specific keyboard.
This connector converts signals to Philips 82xx connector so Philips keyboard can be used. The edge connector has 1.78mm pitch.
I made two different pcbs, for upper and lower parts so that the thickness can be made right. Using only single pcb that has both sides is problematic, because 1.6mm is too loose, and 2mm pcb costs too much. And maybe 2mm is not enough thick.

So I ordered 1mm and 1.2mm thick pcbs for both upper and lower parts. Now I am using combined 1.2mm upper +1.2mm lower pcbs as the connector.

The gerber files for upper and lower pcb can be found from:

It seems the GL30 keyboard matrix is almoust same as philips keyboard, except in numeric keypad the "-", "/","*", "+" keys. So those keycaps could be just physically swapped in numeric keypad for use in GL30.

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Por Pac

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21-03-2022, 18:51

Well done! I adapted the same keyboard to a NTT Captain Multistation. At the begining some keys were wrong because I swapped some wires. In the end, the result was pretty good.

Por JeroenTaverne

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05-04-2022, 14:37

Very nice companion to my USB interface!