MiniMSX recreations by catsin

MiniMSX recreations by catsin

por Pac en 06-06-2022, 19:20
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Are you an enthusiast of modeling? Are you tired of making cars or planes and would you like to focus your skills in something different? The Japanese user @catsin developed excellent recreations based on 3D designs from old home computers and consoles. MSX, PC-8801/9801, X68000, X1turbo, Commodore 64, Sega Master System and many others are available. Don't miss a visit to his Youtube channel, some of these minidevices are even functional!

Catsin kindly shared the STL files as well as some explanations about how to make the decals and give the final touches.

Relevant link: catsin on Twitter

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  • MiniMSX recreations by catsin
  • MiniMSX recreations by catsin

Comentarios (3)

Por Udderdude

Supporter (13)

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07-06-2022, 14:38

These are pretty cute. Nice job.

Por Danjovic

Champion (326)

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08-06-2022, 00:40

Well, the real PV-7 is already small in size LOL!
oh, almost forgot - these models are awesome!!

Por Wierzbowsky

Guardian (3571)

Imagen del Wierzbowsky

10-06-2022, 20:15

Wow! That us super cool!