MSXdev22 #21 Bounce Mania

MSXdev22 #21 Bounce Mania

por MSXdev Team en 27-09-2022, 10:26
Tema: Challenges
Etiquetas: msxdev22, MSXdev

Lord Zett from Darkstone enters the dev contest with his creation Bounce Mania, a nerve wrecking puzzle action game.

It doesn't take much to make an interesting MSX game. Complexity is overrated. This is a game just for having fun, and that's really the essence of MSX gaming, right? So, steer that bouncing ball to the exit and level up as far as you can.

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Relevant link: Bounce Mania - MSXdev official
Relevant link: Bounce Mania - play online

Comentarios (6)

Por shalafi

Expert (116)

Imagen del shalafi

27-09-2022, 11:00

Nice mini-golf style game! Sleek effects and transitions.
I find the control a bit too sensitive, and I am missing the possibility of selecting power, but it is fun!

Por geijoenr

Champion (358)

Imagen del geijoenr

27-09-2022, 13:45

Really fun game, and the graphics have a really nice style.
Also missing a power selector a fine tuning mode for the direction but other than that is great.

Por Parn

Paladin (815)

Imagen del Parn

27-09-2022, 13:47

Entertaining game, with good graphics but a bit minimalist on the sound side. Maybe a quiet "swish" sound when launching the ball would help creating ambiance. I also found the controls a bit too sensitive, and maybe the option of selecting power could improve the game. Overall, I liked it!

Por ATroubleshooter

Expert (95)

Imagen del ATroubleshooter

27-09-2022, 23:17

Nice game, very playable.

Por santiontanon

Paragon (1728)

Imagen del santiontanon

28-09-2022, 13:31

Cool! I love these type of games!! Maybe I would also decrease the sensitivity, so that it's easier to control the direction, but looks great! It gets tricky when the lasers start appearing and you can lose the ball Smile

Por ro

Scribe (4860)

Imagen del ro

29-09-2022, 19:29

Santi, don't be late this year, eh. Tomorrow's the deadline Wink