MSX load game from tape

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Por CASDuino

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16-03-2023, 17:27

smx wrote:

I ask something that is a little off topic: Do you know of any tools to load from cassette with colored stripes like in the ZX Spectrum loads?

That's something built into the games themselves. Elite, Aliens, Avenger, are all examples of games that do that but most don't.

Por smx

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16-03-2023, 17:44

Yes I Know!
It would be nice to be able to include it in any cassette file. For this reason I asked if there was a tool

Por TomH

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16-03-2023, 19:06

I'd be surprised; it's a programmatic effect — the loader has to programmatically alter the border colour as and when relevant events occur. So you'd need to adjust the code of each loader. Possibly you could adjust the ROM routine and get a decent proportion of games at once.

Por gdx

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17-03-2023, 01:13


Can you explain the meaning of this formula? I know that -1 (ffffh) is the slot register, but it isn't clear (to me) how exactly it works this basic formula (well, peek(-1)/16 is clear, at least)

The goal is to copy the 4 MSb onto the 4 LSb in order to do what is explained here.

PEEK(-1)\16 keeps the 4 MSb. 16-(the 4 MSb) reverses the bits and *17 is the equivalent of 4 MSb * 16 + 4 MSb. (Replace the 4 MSb and its copy on the 4 LSb.)

Por thegeps

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17-03-2023, 15:13

Oh, cool! Now I got it!

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