can someone enhance the mbm player a bit ?

By wolf_

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15-01-2004, 14:23

Using MBFM to do FM-Pac music is fairly realistic.

The advantages?
* MBFM already has more features compared to classic Moonblaster, and MBFM is being updated now and then... the classic Moonblaster is not.
* It's easy to expand to an 18/12 channel MBFM song, meaning that if you work on a game you can have FM-Pac and Moonsound support of you start with the FM-Pac version!
* When you make the FM-Pac tune, you could use the additional channels for PSG sounds (an FM voice that sounds like PSG, that is..), being a lil more Microcabin compatible.. you can't do this in the classic Moonblaster.
* you can shape the PSG voices with the ADSR envelopes of the carrier of the FM voice.

What do we need?

* Someone has to make a converter to convert MBFM tunes to an enhanced MBM format. The MBFM-tune must be written in an MBM-compatible way tho.
* The converter must offer the choice for 6+3 or 9+3.
* Preferably the new player includes better PSG voices (SEE voices perhaps), useful for long snares and effects.
* The new player must play the PSG square tones using the ADSR settings from the FM voice.. preferably with the same FM artifacts such has the legato style of envelopes.
* The player can apply all typical player-thingies on PSG voices, such as link, vibrato, pitch etc.
* The player must be able to adjust the balance between FM and PSG, not all MSX'es have the right balance.

The first coder to come up with all this, does a great contribution to the game-scene Smile

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