Animating Sprites....TABLE?

By Chilly Willy

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12-10-2022, 22:30

I am still in the growing phase and would appreciate if anyone can direct me to an example of an Animation table setup for sprites in Z80 assembly language.

Here is the scenario for the MSX 1

Sprite 1 y/x/pattern/color
Sprite 2 y/x/pattern/color

This is a two pattern guy running around so I can have a two color animated dude.

Basically it would send a different pattern to each of the two sprites.

I know it sounds complicated but if there examples of various ways I might be able to adapt one of the routines.

Many many thanks

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By aoineko

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13-10-2022, 08:58

I only have example in C.

What information are you looking for? Animate a sprite is just a matter of setting a byte in VRAM at adddress SpriteAttribueTable + ID * 4 + 2 to change it's pattern.

By theNestruo

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13-10-2022, 11:50

Double check my latest answer on your previous question: