MSXgl – A new C game library for MSX

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By sdsnatcher73

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29-05-2022, 05:42

Very nice update! Looking forward to see what game developers can make with this.

By aoineko

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02-07-2022, 01:51

Hi all,

A new official version of MSXgl is available on GitHub: MSXgl v0.4.1 Alpha.

Change log:
- Added support for TriloTracker SCC music and SFX replayer (in addition to WYZ, Arkos, PT3, ayFX, VGM, lVGM and PCM-enc). s_trilo sample showcase the use of this module.
- Added support for brand new Bitbuster2 unpacker (in addition to ZX0, Pletter 0.5c and Bitbuster 1.2).
- Reworked the whole BIOS module (speed and size optimization). I found an interesting technique to access some BIOS functions without any overhead from C. I will explain that in another topic.
- Added support for padding and 32-bits integers in the String module.
- Added an option for a new target format to put RAM on page #0 and install an interrupt manager (ISR) there ; need a MSX with 64K of RAM. For a ROM, this allows to have 15K more RAM, always visible by the CPU to store data.
- Added H-blank interruption support for custom ISR (for cartridge or RAM in page #0). Now support both V and H-blank interruption.
- Updated code documentation.
- Added a MSX2 template project.
- Various fix and optimization...

Thanks to all MSXgl users on Discord for their valuable feedback, and GitHub contributors.
Original TriloTracker SCC player by Richard Cornelisse (thanks to the FutureDisk team).
Original Bitbuster2 unpacker by Arjan Bakker.

No Linux/MacOS version yet but main part of my tools are now available for Linux and I started to look at which scripting language to use to make the Build tool cross-platform. I thought about Python, but I would like a scripting language that I can embed without the user having to install anything manually for MSXgl to work. I'll keep looking...

As always, I'm available here or on Discord to answer all your questions or help you get started with MSXgl.
Have fun programming!

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