Working on an on-rails shooter or racing game

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By Manuel

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14-05-2017, 21:17

Ah, if someone would have mentioned "Operation Wolf", I'd get it Smile


Enlighted (6914)

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16-05-2017, 00:21

I consider operation wolf the sole rayway shooter among those mentioned on msx

By ren

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16-05-2017, 14:05

I'd call a game like Virtua Cop a typical rail shooter.

Games that allow for player movement like Space Harrier, I won't put in the same category.
E.g. MobyGames puts these in the 'chase-view' category.

By Samor

Prophet (2165)

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16-05-2017, 16:49

Chaos Control... for those with CD-i players back in the day Wink

That game used a "trick" by using FMV for its graphics making it look quite impressive at the time.

By Uninteresting

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05-07-2017, 19:52

Just a status update... I've managed to give the player the ability to shoot bullets (hardware sprites), changed the screen mode from 1 to 2 and possibly did something stupid by assigning every refresh modulo 15 what the main loop should do, effectively slowing down the scrolling.

And now I'm stuck in analysis paralysis on how to implement the enemies. I took a look at Tales of Popolon's code so I'll probably do something coarsely similar.

I really need to learn to forgive myself for writing bad code in this phase.

By Louthrax

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05-07-2017, 20:50

Uninteresting wrote:

I really need to learn to forgive myself for writing bad code in this phase.

That's just the best way to learn Smile

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