JEmu2 SCC-Konami music player with enhanced sound

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By Manuel

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22-02-2015, 08:32

I was not using that. Perhaps you need to press - once, as the text on the screen says?

The wave forms are great to see indeed (in openMSX you can see them with the scc_viewer toy, toggle_scc_viewer).

By erikd

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22-02-2015, 16:48

Well I did notice when you first play a song using all channels in MG2 (for example RSHIFT+ENTER) and then a song playing just 4 channels (for example RSHIFT+\), after a few seconds it starts playing the first channel from the first track on top of the 2nd track, which of course sounds all wrong.
Is that what you've been experiencing?

Playing a sound effect between songs seems to avoid this.

BTW, here's a screenshot of the SCC visualisation option:

By erikd

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22-02-2015, 18:31

I've updated the java version with the SCC visualizer:

To enable it, tick the "scc-visualizer" checkbox.
The green line shows the volume, the purple part is the channel's waveform, if the waveform is grey it means the "key" flag is false (so the channel is muted).

There's a .cmd file for windows users too, and Linux users can use the .sh file. Not sure about Mac, I suppose the .sh could work there as well but that's not tested as I don't have a Mac.
You'll need to have java6 or later installed.

For windows users who don't want to bother about java, there's the native version here (but it's a significantly larger download):

By Huey

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01-02-2018, 11:11

Anyone has a newer version than 1.0 Beta 4 of the Jemu2 source code?
I'd love to have the additional SoundChips (FM Pac), that is emulated in the version discussed in this thread, to use in my project.

By niek

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05-02-2018, 23:04

.sh file works fine on my Mac!

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