Help request from Helsinki (anyone with MSX2 & knowledge on Sunrise ATA-IDE CF)

By subjik

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22-01-2015, 09:21

I've been trying to get my Sunrise ATA-IDE CF working with very little success. The problem is crashing idefdisk, I can't prepare the CF cards properly. The crash doesn't always happen at the same situation (there are a few variations) and after trying with two different CF cards I begin assume there is something wrong with either the Sunrise ATA-IDE or my MSX. However, I have only on of both so I can't test it. I've got a lot of help from the friendly people at #msxdev but now I'm kinda stuck.

Would there be anyone around Helsinki area who would be willing to help me out? Maybe I could test out the Sunrise ATA-IDE on their MSX or something? Thanks in advance and sorry for posting this here as it is relevant for only a small number of people.

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By Akiguchi

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22-01-2015, 11:55

I think Nyyrikki lives in Helsinki - try contacting him, I'm sure he will help you out.


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22-01-2015, 12:44

Sorry, at the moment I'm in Neatherlands (You know... The MSX party is here this weekend.) Let's get in touch next week, when I'm back in Helsinki...

By Manuel

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22-01-2015, 12:55

NYYRIKKI: be there at 9 AM and you can help to set up the room Smile

By subjik

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22-01-2015, 12:59

Excellent, thanks Nyyrikki! Enjoy the party Smile

By Grauw

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22-01-2015, 21:32


By Jupp3

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21-03-2015, 02:37

I assume this was resolved?

I'm just having problems of my own (doesn't boot, access light stays on) and was googling for anyone with similar issues...

It does work on my friends' MSX2 though (and did work earlier on my NMS 8255 too), and if needed, could probably the other system to write CF card for you.

By subjik

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27-05-2015, 11:12

Actually it hasn't been resolved yet Smile Still would appreciate help. I was busy with other stuff in life and all this was on hold. Until now Smile


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27-05-2015, 13:52

Sorry Tony, I forgot this one...

All CF cards don't work well with this interface. I've found that Sundisk cards are a good choice. You may also want to consider reflashing the device with Nextor. Please note how ever that this is still Beta software and you may just be switching problems to another ones.

If you want to do cross checking with another interface, then it is maybe better that you ask me for a coffee. e-mail address is in my profile.