Image to character data converter

By Bit Addict

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10-03-2015, 15:08

I am looking for a tool that can convert an (screen2) image to (black and white) character data. To be more specific: The output file must be a Pattern Name Table (PN) and a Pattern Generator Table (PG), in asm format, for screen 1.

Before a reinvent the wheel, I wonder if there is any tool available.

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By MsxKun

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10-03-2015, 23:12

Well, it's pretty easy if your screen 2 is already in black and white (or any other 2 colors). Then you only have to discard the color table and add those few color bytes ($1F for black and white) by hand. If the original image is not properly prepared, then automated converters could do the job, or not, depends.


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11-03-2015, 00:01

Look for Magellan from the Ti99/4a scene on atariage forum

By Bit Addict

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11-03-2015, 10:46

It is indeed a lot easier than it seems. Thanks for the answers and sharing the url.

By Metalion

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11-03-2015, 15:50

You cannot download Magellan from the Atariage forum if you're not a member.