MSX and Nostalgia: miss anything?

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By Dinomight

Resident (46)

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03-07-2003, 19:47


I started this to get a thread going about nostalgia! Smile I believe we are all much older (and a few much wiser) and not giving 200% procent of our time anymore to MSX and this made me think how it was back then Smile

Let me start that back in the days of our magazine Golden Power Disc it was a great time (as u may have read on our disc in 'beursverslagen' , 'de nacht voor...' etc.) for me Smile

I really miss those evenings when we all got together the night before a certain fair. Offcourse there was always something to be finished or bugs to be removed. I remember spending hours cutting booklets, leaflets and covers for various productsSmile It always became incredibly late and a 30 minute nap before going to the fair was no exception Smile)) only to realise that when arriving at the trainstation we needed to cover it with leaflets which would take some hour too Smile ooh the fun we had Smile

tell something nostalgic here and hear the others say: ooh yeahhh, now THAT was great back then Smile

Sincerely, grandpa Dino

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By Thom

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03-07-2003, 21:00

I really liked going to the arcades in Tilburg and Zandvoort after the fairs. And garbage stacking in Mac Donald's was fun as well.

By wolf_

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03-07-2003, 21:15

I disliked setting-up my msx again, and plugging all connectors when I got home after a fair Smile

I also discovered that when you have a booth, then you've too little time to walk/chat around.

apart from that.. it was always fun.. except the last years in the big halls, you could see half the hall was empty or filled with pc/console guys.

By BiFi

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03-07-2003, 21:17

I'm still stuck in the 80's... I loved these years, loads of fun with MSX and crazy about, getting off-topic a bit now though since it's not really MSX anymore from here, numerous cartoon series back then, some of them even turned out te be anime (which I totally was unaware of back then). On many occasions I want to return to these good ol' days.

Nowadays I noticed some of these 80's cartoons are redone and some are even translated to my native language. These things don't improve the fun I had with them back then.

You probably want some examples of redone cartoon series: Transformers, He-Man and The Master of The Universe and Voltron - Defender of The Universe. Other titles I really loved: Robotech (Macross), M.A.S.K., Pole Position, Thunder Sub, Bionic Six, She-Ra - Princess of Power (which was a parallel series of He-Man, starring He-Man's twin sister) and Star Com.


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03-07-2003, 21:20

Well, just like you I especially miss the "night before the fair" experience. Not because I miss the hard work, but because it was great fun to have all your friends around, drink beer and deepfried stuff ("bitterballen", "frikandellen", etc.) and stay up all night.

I still remember we went to a fair and we got this accident (Anne Overwijk was driving).

Us: "Watch out! Don't go left just yet!"
Anne: "Huh? Why? What is it?" (the car continues moving)

I also miss buying MSX magazines @ the bookstore... checking the shelves ever day to see whether a new issue arrived.

Hearing SCC music for the very first time...

Or going to the V&D in Amersfoort (a big dutch store) by bus to buy KingsValley 2 for 75 guilders...

Many nostalgic memories Smile I could go on and on, but...

...I have to fix bugs and I have a deadline oO

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (10109)

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03-07-2003, 21:52

This is NL-related: I missed Wammes and the Joystickwiebelaar (Harry van Hooren) in MCCM, in MCM they kicked ass! Always the insults and the nagging in the last alinea of the EHBO... And I also missed the great MCM cartoons (by Jeroen Engelberts) in MCCM, they had style, back then.. the cartoons in MCCM were a bit too stereotype and lifeless imo.

Recently I found my mags again in a box (didn't touch on them for ~ 3yrs now) and it's great historic stuff!

By snout

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03-07-2003, 22:17

Yeah, those MCM days were cool. I miss staying in Hotel Centraal (or 'Het Wapen van Tilburg). In 1999 we did a small reunion of that and it was a great experience! Wammes even was there Smile

Other memorable MSX moments

1. Buying my 8245 in a lokal record store with money I had saved (and helped by my parents of course)... wow.. my OWN computer! I was about 6 at the time, haven't been the same ever since Wink

2. Moving to a new house for the so-maniest time and meeting Michiel de Vries, who turned out to live quite close to me. He only had an MSX1 at the time. Together we discovered there were more MSX-ers in Groningen and started attending the MSX-GG-Groningen meetings, where Flying Bytes was born

3. Discovering FM-PAC, SCC and Muziekmodule. I was amazed a computer could even make those kinds of sounds. Remember listening to it for hours and hours

4. Making my first song in FAC Soundtracker. Decided to take it with me to the MSX-GG. Latok was amazed. We decided to make a music-disk (bananenvla, see downloads section) shortly after.

5. Being greeted for the very first time in an MSX demo (thanks Station!!!), appreciated every greeting that followed. Most recent one: MSX 20th anniversary demo Wink

6. My name in the credits of Bananenvla, Move the House (I'm really really really ashamed about that one now, people.. please don't remind me too often to it Wink) and Not Again!

7. The fairs. The people on the fairs. The immense amount of stands, new software, hardware development and the shitload of people waiting in lines to see it all

By Latok

msx guru (3938)

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03-07-2003, 22:59

8. Meeting Anne de Raad. He made my life worth living....

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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03-07-2003, 23:00

Latok, you met yourself? Tongue


By Latok

msx guru (3938)

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03-07-2003, 23:02

And guys....Exactly ALL the things you mentioned....The night before the fair, the lack of organisation for the booth, debugging, going to copyshops, Hotel Central in Tilburg, walking the fair and checking the new stuff (has Impact a new Musixx Disk?!!?), going to McDonald's after the fair, plugging in your MSX when at home again.....And....finally, playing with all the goodies you bought during the fair itself......

O man, the years........They TRULY were the best of my life.....

By MrRudi

Hero (525)

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04-07-2003, 02:01

This is NL-related: I missed Wammes and the Joystickwiebelaar (Harry van Hooren) in MCCM, in MCM they kicked ass! Always the insults and the nagging in the last alinea of the EHBO

I don't see Wammes that much unfortunately but I either talk to or see Harry about every week Smile

But ontopic...nostalgia...what I miss most, REALLY miss most is being able to create a complete product by yourself and showing it to others, selling it on fairs. Of course everyone starts shouting that I could still do so on MSX but I have to admit my standards for my own work are set too high to do so. I guess maybe that's why I am learning certain skills I never had, just to be able to take my fantasy and create something out of it, by myself. BCF-school talking here!

Of course the nights before the fairs were great, I am glad we organised that little MSX reunion a couple of years ago one night before Tilburg. With Wammes, Sander Zuidema, Anne de Raad, Pascal Oldenzeel, Mike Dammer, bart Roymans, Cas Cremers, Manuel Bilderbeek, Ivo Wubbels, Falco Dam...we had a great time (did I forget anyone?)..all staying in a hotel and recording Wammes' snoring outside of his hotelroom door Big smile

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