MSX1 Smooth scroll gpu accelerated

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By st1mpy

Paladin (956)

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21-08-2021, 03:22


A fast processor in a cartridge. It runs an msx emulator, and has video out. A rom of a game runs on the emulator. The emulator in the cartridge takes key/joystick inputs and displays the game screen at correct timing, but it is also able to run faster ahead of time between frames so that it can see the current screen and the 8 pixel block scrolled screen. Now analyse to see the differences in the 2 frames to fill in the interpolated frames in between and present it to the user on the screen at correct intervals. It should be possible with a modern pc gpu.

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By AxelStone

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21-08-2021, 11:25

Why to run an emulator in a cartridge instead of using a PC? At the end this is a costly solution and really you are using an emulator, not a real MSX, you are tricking yourself.

By tfh

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21-08-2021, 11:27

Wouldn't that essentially degrade the MSX to a keyboard and power supply? It could be a fun functionality for an emulator though!

By st1mpy

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21-08-2021, 11:36

OK may be just do it on the pc for emulators. If it works, by the time we get raspberry pi 10 , it would work on msxvr too.

By Grauw

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21-08-2021, 20:38

Didn't FlashJacks have some kind of capability like this? I think it was to emulate GameBoy?

By karloch

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21-08-2021, 22:20

To me that would be equivalent to plugging a graphics card in the MSX, and we already have the V9990 for that. Nothing prevents you to use the V9990 to make a game with MSX1-like graphics and smooth scroll.

By thegeps

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22-08-2021, 01:46

Well, I think he want to apply smooth scrolling on existing msx1 games

By PingPong

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22-08-2021, 10:13

thegeps wrote:

Well, I think he want to apply smooth scrolling on existing msx1 games

OK, then replace TMS with a F18A and you get smooth scrolling, kinda of gpu, other goodies (like sprites unlimited and MC)

So why buy a cannon to kill a fly?

By st1mpy

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22-08-2021, 11:24

The idea is, this thing will smooth scroll any games without modifying the game itself.
Initially I was thinking it does this by AI. (Just like Nvidia's DLSS, but instead of upscale resolution, it's for smooth scroll).

If it works purely visually by just looking at the 2 frames output by msx (before, and after 8 pixel scroll) and does the interpolation, it is lagging behind. So it needs to see the 2nd frame quickly, hence the need for the fast emulator.

By GhostwriterP

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22-08-2021, 11:31

Player and (some) enemy movements may be difficult to accurately predict several frames (of scroll speed) ahead. Looking back may work better but then scrolling will be lagging behind. With a constant scroll (nemesis, knightmare etc.) it may be possible to some extent I guess.

By st1mpy

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22-08-2021, 11:46

Then it could look at the graphics with players and enemies turned off. So just the background.

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