Getting a GFX9000/V9990 to work on a Zemmix Neo Lite (2013 Korean release)?

By Anonymous

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18-06-2020, 22:17

I recently picked up my first MSX device, a Zemmix Neo Lite.
I understand that this thing is FPGA based and I was told on r/msx that I wouldn't be able to use something like the PowerGraph V9990. Is there any kind of expansion I can add or any kind of mod I can do that would enable me to use the V9990 on my Neo?

Thanks. Smile

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By gflorez

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19-06-2020, 07:36

Where have you read that? I have tested the original GFX9000 and the clone GFX-NINE on my Spanish made Zemmix(based on the Brazilian Zemmix, based on the Korean Zemmix Neo, based on the Japanese ASCII OCM), and both work perfect. I still have not tested the Brazilian Powergraph, but it probably works, as it is also based on the Sunrise GFX9000.

There are problems with some other cartridges that work on the original OCM and don't work on a stock Zemmix(all versions, due to an inherited bad Korean design), but there are tutorials on how to fix the issue on the cartridge slots. The V9990 based cartridges work flawless also without the fix.

Yes, Zemmix Neo and OCM are FPGAs, but based on a design by ASCII Japan, so they are highly compatible. And they are maintained by genius KDL, who has corrected a lot of compatibility issues and added great new functions.

By Parn

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19-06-2020, 08:36

Just for the record, I also have used my PowerGraph V9990 (Brazilian clone of the Sunrise Graphics 9000) on my Zemmix Neo BR (Brazilian implementation of the Korean Zemmix Neo).

By Pencioner

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19-06-2020, 10:04

Here GFX-NINE is also working without issues with 8bits4ever Zemmix Neo

By DarkSchneider

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19-06-2020, 12:48

Maybe your Zemmix does not have the 12V for cartridge slots, required by GFX9000.

By ducasp

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19-06-2020, 23:40

DarkSchneider wrote:

Maybe your Zemmix does not have the 12V for cartridge slots, required by GFX9000.

I understand GFX9000 is a different animal due to super impose, but Tecnobytes V9990 PowerGraph Lite just uses 5V and works fine in my SM-X that is OCM derived. Wink (and it also has +/- 12V, but as I was one of the beta testers of SM-X before it was sold to the public, I've helped Victor Trucco debug some issues and one was V9990 not working, first thing we checked was for 12V but them I've noticed Powergraph Lite do not use it at all, the issue was due to a bi-directional buffer SM-X has in the bus that was not being redirect properly)

By Manuel

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19-06-2020, 23:42

Video9000 has superimpose, GFX9000 is just the plain V9990 card.

By gflorez

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20-06-2020, 01:31

Yes, the Brazilian and Spanish Zemmix lack the +12/-12v converter on J17(at the left side of the second slot), but it is only needed on some audio cartridges for amplification. The v9990 cartridges work with +5v only.

The part used on the Korean model(SPS1R5) is rare outside that country, but other similar components worldwide available can be adapted, like the SUCW1R50512C or the IH0512D.

By Matthew Splett

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20-06-2020, 07:11

I had trouble getting my v9990 powergraph lite to produce a picture on my Gr8bit, but it turned out to be a power supply issue. So it seems the v9990 is sensitive to voltage drop.

By Gregory

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10-04-2022, 19:55

There are three trimmers on the board designated VR1,VR2,VR3. They are next to the PS/2 connector.
Cansomeone tell me what value they have, it isn't in the schematic I have.