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14-04-2023, 01:44

Is there a cartridge to be placed in the MSX1 devices,,, This cartridge has the ability to download game ROMs on it from the Internet, then put it in the MSX devices and we enjoy with playing

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By dproldan

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14-04-2023, 11:08

Hello. This is one option: https://github.com/andortizg/BaDCaT
You can find him on twitter @andortizg

By ToriHino

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14-04-2023, 15:51

Most of these will work on MSX1 as well: Flash Card Interfaces.
Download your roms and put them on the storage device (usually CompactFlash or MicroSD) which you then can insert in the MSX.

Not going to say which solution is the best, we had already enough threads about that :-)

By Vampier

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14-04-2023, 16:04

if you put in the topic why you need help I wouldn't have called 911 for you

By edoz

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14-04-2023, 17:07

GR8NET is doing this

By OeiOeiVogeltje

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14-04-2023, 21:50

By st1mpy

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14-04-2023, 22:03

That badcat thing, there's no schematics I think.


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18-04-2023, 04:05

Thank you for your reply, but are these cartridges safe and will they not harm the MSX ?

By Rataplan

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18-04-2023, 08:02

I'd personally go for a cartridge with SD or CF card, like MegaFlashRomSCC+ or my personal favorite Carnivore2. Why? You put your roms on a SD or CF card and just play games. If you want the MSX to be able to access the internet you're in for a treat, you'll need to setup quite some things, IP stack and such. And you'll always be dependent on other things / systems whereas if you use a flash cart your msx is running stand alone, which I think is far more convenient.
Apart from that, you can imagine a 3.57Mhz machine being slow in a network. Can you tell us why you want it to download roms from the internet? What is it you want to do? Just play games or develop for msx?


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18-04-2023, 11:10

Hi sir , Thank you for your reply and for your interest in the subject.

●●● In fact, I have a device (sanyo AX 170 msx1) [[[ 64 kb ]]] I love it very much , and I am afraid that it will malfunction because of the placement of these cartridges.

●●● I don't want anything just download games from my pc and then enjoy them on my msx1، Because I don't know anything about programming .

●●● I have some questions :
1》Which cartridge do you think is right for me?
2》What you think about Fractal2000 SD Mapper/Megaram 512KB ?
1》 And the most important question please ,,, are these cartridges safe and will they not harm the MSX ??????????

By sdsnatcher73

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18-04-2023, 11:35

1. best cartridge is the Carnivore2. It is available quite well, it has the best featureset and wide compatibility with games.
2. Don’t buy these devices. Usage on MSX1 is severely limited and compatibility with games is not great.
3. These won’t harm your MSX and are perfectly safe. Be sure though that your MSX is powered off during insertion or removal of any cartridge.

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