How to clean a Talent MSX DPC-200

By Code Witcher

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11-03-2019, 21:46

Hi guys,
I don't know any electronics, and I don't know anyone I can trust to do this. Basically when I remove a key there's TONS of dust below, tons, I hadn't use this for over 10 years, maybe 20... yea it's more like 20... so my question is, how do I clean it? Can all the keys be removed? I notice they are not all the same. Can I remove the F keys and cursors just like the letter keys? Do I use any product to clean it?
Also the cover for the cartridge is stuck open.
Instructional videos on this would be super awesome.

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By jvidal

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06-05-2020, 10:11

i remember using a wet piece of cotton to clean the keys on my good'ol DPC-300. just make sure that the cotton is not dripping water.