Keyboard Repair Sony hbg 900p

By Cripper

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24-05-2014, 11:18

I have recently tested this computer after long term storage. Everything is ok apart from a couple of the letter keys don't work or require more pressure than normal. I am wondering if anyone has any experience renovating this type of keyboard and can give me some tips. Everything seems very clean inside the keyboard.

Is there an easy way to tell how much ram the computer has installed?

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By Manuel

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24-05-2014, 11:39

The keyboard of this thing is a bit notorious. You can simply take it apart and clean the rubber-graphite contacts of the keys that are malfunctioning and the areas on the pcb where they push on. If it already looks very clean, I have no idea. some people say, use a pencil to add some graphite to the tips. YOu can try that.

An unmodified HB-G900P has 64kB plain RAM. There are several programs you can run that can detect this, like TestRAM.