MSX cart / EPROM

By tooloud

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18-12-2020, 20:04

Anyone used these projects?

I have made pcb's, soldered what was to solder, programmed FLASH (8x16k ROMs into one binary file for 128k project).

and the MSX is resetting after logo endlessly. Same for 64k project.

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By Jman

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27-12-2020, 03:22

I am not sure what Mapper the 128k version use's. I have seen this PCB before. Do you have a schematic ?
The 64K version easy to modify so that 16k and 32k games work.


By lintweaker

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27-12-2020, 09:36

I have used the 128k version, It can work. You have to fiddle around with the jumper settings and check where to put the start of the ROM image in the flash.

By alex3331

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21-05-2022, 14:05

I made them work on my Omega MSX2 - not without glitches. There is a small mistake in the schematics. After I Fixed it I can use 512 K flash ROM and fit it with 16 games; can use 8, 16 and 32 k games