MSXVR - Any News?

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By Parn

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12-08-2020, 14:31

I just wanted to add that, like @Meits, I also didn't write my post to shut you up. Just to try to ease your frustration and impatience. I've been there, too. And I relate a lot to @Meits' story. When people I'm working with ask for a deadline, I always budget for the unexpected, but I understand the enthusiasm and the willingness to please the customers.

By karloch

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12-08-2020, 18:26

I would say just to be patience. We are living a worldwide pandemic, that is not something we get everyday. Even at professional projects at work we are having difficulties and unmet deadlines by hardware suppliers due to the COVID-19; so I can understand that the MSXVR is facing them too, without the power of a big company to get his order prioritized.

I understand the frustration, but let's give them the deserved credit. The periodic updates they give about the computer, the manuals and documentation proves that they are very serious about this.

By Ivan

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12-08-2020, 19:28

To be honest I am not worried at all. The intial delivery date (February 2020) was unrealistic, I already knew it when I made the two payments of the preorder almost a year ago. Plus I follow the project on Twitter and it is progressing steadily. I think that I am not even at the top of the orders list so in my case I will have to wait patiently...

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