rookie drive nx question

By SvaboMSX

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22-09-2021, 18:04

Hello, today I tried rookiedriveNX on a HB501P MSX1.
Basic command as "call usbfiles" can read content of attached USB Stick, loaded with some .dsk files.
call insertdisk("games.dsk") does something, and assigning a filename of "/". (?)
When I then try to list the files by using basic command "files" - then it says:

Loading disk:
Updating USBMSX.ININot found
Disk I/O error

Any Hints for using rookie with MSX1 ?
The adaption to a real usb floppy disk drive works fine :-)
But I want to use several .dsk files on a usb stick.

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By meits

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22-09-2021, 20:00

what happens if you type files with that image in an emulator?

By SvaboMSX

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22-09-2021, 23:52

I verified with an other image. It worked better; but still I/O error.
The small "Not found" in previous post, does not occur. So it seems to depend on the disk image.

In emulator (openmsx) the now used disk image works fine. It shows the contents of the disk.
Of the original used dsk file I can not verify as I forgot from which subfolder (of my thousands unstructered) on my computer I have taken it ... :-(

Are my steps correct?
There is a "mount" command listed, when I type call help. But the user guide says that it is not used. Did not manage to use the call mount statement. It tells me syntax error (do not know the synopsis)

So I simply use call insertdisk("diskname.dsk")