Video: SVI 328 Repair But SOOOO Many Things Wrong....

By llopis

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02-04-2020, 16:33

I posted about this SVI 328 a while ago, but I finally got around to taking a good look at it. The missing crystal oscillator and weird voltage regulators were just the tip of the iceberg Sad

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By lintweaker

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02-04-2020, 18:32

Ah yes, I've seen. Nice! I like your videos btw :-)

By Grauw

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02-04-2020, 19:11

Oww, cliffhanger! Big smile Nice video!

By llopis

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02-04-2020, 20:48

Grauw wrote:

Oww, cliffhanger! Big smile Nice video!

Haha, I didn't want to make it too obvious by calling it Part 1, but I guess it does catch people by surprise. At least I stopped when there was a glimmer of hope. I can't tell you how many times I thought about scrapping that whole repair :-)

By Wierzbowsky

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02-04-2020, 21:50

Nice video. But I would never connect the power to the board with such problems without checking the power rails for shorts first. The fuse saved the day, but that was a risk.

By Vampier

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03-04-2020, 00:46

I already commented on Facebook and Youtube Smile let's do it here too - poor SVI Sad