Very belated introduction and thanks

By jonn.blanchard

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20-07-2022, 23:58

I joined the forum a fair while ago and when I was making YouTube videos on re-enthused I used this site for quite a lot of information, so a belated introduction and lots of thanks for all the information I got from you.

I wasn't an MSX user back in the day, like many working-class families in the UK my first real experience of computing was the BBC Micro at school and a Sinclair Spectrum at home.

But I have grown very fond of the platform and have owned quite a few over the last few years, mostly Japanese models, but a couple from Europe.

Right now I've only got a few MSXs left as I've been culling my retro collection including: Canon V-10, Casio PV-7BK, Panasonic TurboR FS-A1ST and Sanyo Wavy 35.



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By Bengalack

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21-07-2022, 13:22

Hello! And thanks for breaking the silence Smile Keeps the community alive and growing.

By valkyre

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21-07-2022, 19:35

Welcome! Great to see another UK msxer here!