machine xml for Sony HB-10 differ from real HB-10D (?)

By SvaboMSX

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06-01-2020, 01:50

just wondering if I use wrong machine type or config is not correct of HB-10.

1) While starting up openmsx with -machine HB-10 color of border is cyan and main background is light-blue.
In reality my HB-10D shows border dark-blue and background also dark-blue.
For color names am referencing to:

2) by using hbd-50 disk drive in openmsx and in reality memory differs to each other:
openmsx says : print fre(0) = 8071 and reality says: 24455

How can I correct this?
Is there a way to change the japanese date prompt to Y-m-d when it is starting DiskBasic in openmsx?

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By sdsnatcher73

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06-01-2020, 04:57

The HB-10 is the Japanese variant in the HB-10 series. It came with only 16kB RAM (whilst all other variations came with 64kB) and boot colors on Japanese MSX are indeed different (they boot into screen 1 with color 15,4,7 whilst European MSX’s boot into screen 0 with color 15,4,4). The HB-10D does not have a machine config but the HB-10P does, which I suggest you use.

If you want to add the 10D the openMSX team will need a ROM dump of the machine. You can find the reverse engineering tools (which includes rom dump to dump the ROM) in this thread. The other steps are not needed in my opinion as the 10D will be the same as the 10P apart from the ROM (which will have the different keyboard matrix).