Openmsx 17 version, arm64 compilation error

By golvellius

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19-04-2022, 11:07

Hi ..
I am trying to compile Openmsx 17 for rg351p console, using rk3326 chroot ..
I think i have all the dependences ..

This is what i have after ./configure
Found libraries:
ALSA: version 1.1.8
GLEW: version unknown
libogg: version unknown
libpng: version 1.6.36
libtheora: version unknown
libvorbis: version unknown
OpenGL: version 4.6
SDL2: version 2.0.9
SDL2_ttf: version 2.0.15
Tcl: version 8.6.9
zlib: version 1.2.11

Components overview:
Emulation core: yes
GL renderer: yes
Laserdisc: yes

Also i have gcc/g++ version 8.3.0.
When i try to "make" i have error of #include library not found ..
src/utils/xxhash.hh:46:10: fatal error: bit: No such file or directory ..

Something regarding the Include library "bit" missing ..
Maybe it's not possible to compile on a arm64 architecture? or maybe something i am missing ?

Thanks for the support.

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By sdsnatcher73

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19-04-2022, 13:46

You don’t have all the dependencies installed. The build system can make a statically bound binary using option staticbindist. Try it with:

make staticbindist

By golvellius

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19-04-2022, 14:29

Now i have just finished the compilation of openmsx 16 without no problem .. i will try staticbindist with openmsx 17 .

By wouter_

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19-04-2022, 15:48

Hi golvellius,

I think you're trying to compile a recent development snapshot (= what will become openMSX 18), rather than the openMSX 17 source code, right? OpenMSX 18 will require at least gcc version 9 to compile (but gcc-10 is recommended).

By golvellius

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19-04-2022, 16:41

Hi ..
I am using this version from .. That is the problem, you're correct ..
I have using the parameter "staticbindist" but when compiling libtheora i have some errors ..

For now i am happy with openmsx16 .. it has been compiled correctly ..
I am try to use openmsx with console RG351P for some tests ...
I will try to download source form openmsx 17 and try ..
Best regards, and thanks for your support ..

By Manuel

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19-04-2022, 19:48

Please do post the errors when you encounter them.

By msxtrd

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19-04-2022, 20:55

Hi Manuel, I have downloaded: openmsx-17.0-20210112_ericb59-mac_m1-aarch64-bin.dmg

But my MAC complains here that the file is broken and should be discarded when I try to run openMSX executable. Can you guys check it? I'm using Mac Mini M1.

By Manuel

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19-04-2022, 23:39

Sorry, I don't have a Mac, so I don't even know how to check it. Better ask ericb59, who created the file. Or perhaps you can find useful binaries here:

By santiontanon

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20-04-2022, 01:28

Could it just be that the binary is not signed? Mac OS by default prevents you from running unsigned binaries. Instead of double clicking it to open it, try right click to open the contextual menu, and then "open". When you get the error, that should show a new option "run anyway". This only happens the first time you run it

By golvellius

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21-04-2022, 00:29

HI ,,

Finally openmsx 17 for arm64 (ambernic console rg351p) its compiled. Smile .. i am using openmsx 17 not the latest from github.
Now i am running it with scc+ sound ( sd snatcher) and rg351p joystick working .. works and sound great!!
This is my running parameters ..
/opt/openMSX/bin/openmsx -script /storage/openmsx/extras.txt -exta scc+ -machine Philips_NMS_8250 $1 $2

extras.txt file

plug joyporta
set fullspeedwhenloading on
set maxframeskip 2
set scale_factor 1
set scale_algorithm simple

============ sorry my first test Crying

But i have some questions ..

a) how can i remove the menu bar of the screen?
b) how can i remap buttons to enter at the menu or exit emulator ?

Thanks for all. This is the best msx emulator ever !!!

By Manuel

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21-04-2022, 18:49

a) try: set osd_menu_button off
b) check out and ask more questions if you need to :)

Note that the first line in your extras.txt does nothing.