parallax games?

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By robertwilting

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22-11-2006, 11:58

Let me check. Tonight if I can find the millenium cd's.

By Samor

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17-01-2007, 21:05

I was also looking a bit into parallax games again today...

Vectron's indeed where robertwilting says it is:
According to Generation MSX, the game's declared freeware by Cas Cremers.... in that case, it could be added to MSX.ORG, right?

I DID find a demo of Arc somewhere on the net also...

As for Akin, Sunrise is selling it on Nijmegen 07 apparantly, so I might get that this saturday....

By turbor

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18-01-2007, 10:09

Anybody tried the ARC cartrdige in the (sunrise) USB MSX gamereader yet?
Ofcourse with blue or open, since it will not work if MSXPlayer tries to read the entire cartridge in one go...

By Plínio

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29-01-2007, 00:55

When the Akin will be released as freeware ?

By Bastiaan

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30-01-2007, 21:52

thanks all!

The most difficult one to get hold of seems to be ARC... Disk with cartridge.
very interested if it will work the way turbor describes.

By -Neo-

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16-12-2015, 15:39

I know this is a very old post but for me this issue is current. I am looking especially for the "HD" versions of Arc and Akin although DSK versions would be great too. As both Sunrise and Parallax are not in business anymore; where can I find these Gems?

By anonymous

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16-12-2015, 15:49

On the Parallax website, they aren't offered for download, so it may be a bit of a far stretch to assume they're freeware, and I'm having troubles (as an admin) on what action to take now.
I just tried to send an e-mail to Cas to inquire about it.

By syn

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16-12-2015, 15:54

As I am interested in them as well, I will ask around to see if someone knows whether the original developers or publishers (parallax/sunrise) perhaps have interest to let someone else publish the planned collection cartridges or just allow the games to be distributed as freeware. It may take some time though (since they arent exactly deeply involved with msx atm afaik).

These games are great, I have read a lot about them but I never downloaded/pirated them, back then because nobody I knew had them, and the past few years (with the internet and all), well, I don't want to pirate scene software.

By JohnHassink

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16-12-2015, 16:24

He actually commented on these forums once, but I can't find the topic.

By valkyre

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16-12-2015, 18:04

I have been trying to contact cas cremers myself recently. Am i right in thinking he is now based in the uk?

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