Proof of existence.

By Zemmix4U

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24-06-2007, 15:20

Is there proof that the following games exist?

Athletic Land Philips (VG 8101)
Monkey Academy Philips (VG 8102)
Hyper Rally Toshiba (HX-S124)
King's Valley Toshiba (HX-S122)
Road Fighter Toshiba (HX-S123)
Twin Bee Casio (GPM-127)
King's Valley 2 (Edit Contest Version)
Metal Gear 2 - Solid Snake Demo Version
Quarth Demo Version
Quarth Korean version
Green Beret Korean version

Please post links or photo’s!

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By Manuel

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24-06-2007, 16:15

The Philips games are probably normal Konami games, but they are listed in the Philips catalog under these product codes. This is a guess, though.

I know someone (hi Yady) who has the Korean Quarth.

Saku T. Taipale owns many of the Konami things:
* King's Valley II gold cartridge. This was a prize in a MSX computer Magazines contest! (I've seen photos as well)
* Quarth advertisement version - handmade special version for advertising Quarth.
* HX-S124 Hyper Rally

By shaiwa

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24-06-2007, 21:51

Hmmm, wasn't there a Philips Monkey Academy (or look alike) sold in a green box just like "eindeloos" and a few other Philips games?
Can't remember clearly, its been a long time that i saw that collection sold at the store many years ago.

By nikodr

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24-06-2007, 21:58

I have in rom the metal gear 2 demo.Actually there is nothing special in it,just the intro that the normal game has.No ingame screens or ingame gameplay is shown.

By Zemmix4U

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25-06-2007, 23:17

Are there pictures of Konami's:
on Softcard?
Demo versions?!

By Manuel

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26-06-2007, 09:48

I'll try to find pictures of Konami's Pooyan... Beecard.

By Huey

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26-06-2007, 10:32

Here is a picture of pooyan beecard. Its very small but im 100% sure it says pooyan in japanese

It is the 4th beecard from the left over here

This is one is better : Pooyan


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26-06-2007, 13:17

Look here for Konami Softcard prototypes:

By Fresh

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28-10-2021, 15:48

I found a sealed Monkey Academy with the VG8102 label on it:

By Fresh

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28-10-2021, 15:55

By Briqunullus

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28-10-2021, 19:08

Nice find. That label be gone as soon as it's opened. No wonder these are rare nowadays.