Time Trax

By thinlizzy

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16-08-2003, 19:48

I love this old game from bug byte
but i never could finish it because i don't know what to do with the items found in the game
Does somebody has some info or manual of this game?


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By Vincent van Dam

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16-08-2003, 20:17

This is the original manual:

It's post holocaust and the game starts in your cosy cellar. The
most powerful 8 Minds in creation have had their key belongings
stolen by the Evil One and placed in time. As they search they
open the Time Portals and the Dark Ones are pouring into Earth
History. You must find the items, return them and seal the
portals by lining up the correct 4 Runes and casting a spell.

Joystick: use joystick to control your hero.
Fire + Up = move through a door.
Fire + Down = Options mode.

Each leap reduces energy.



| |
| Action |
| |
| |
| Visual Menu Eye |
| Display Display |
| |
| Energy Item storage boxes Function |
| Display Button |
| |
| Time Title store |

Joystick to change OPTIONS and fire to select.

FLIP = changes options list.
LOOK = search for hidden items.
HOLD = pause
QUIT = end game
BACK = back to game from HOLD.
CAST = you must have two or more tiles.
Joystick L/R + Fire to select 2 tiles. If combination
creates a spell it appears in Menu Window. Select YES to
CAST. (You lose the tiles). NO to Return.
R = Leave options mode.
DROP = Use Joystick to select item, fire drops it.
SWAP = status light 'green' means in use.
TEST = You need 4 or more RUNE Tiles to try this.
Joystick L/R + five to select combination. When 4th Tile
selected, Eye display indicates nearness to Cosmic
Pattern and finishing the game.
Eye closed = 1 Tile out.
1/2 Open = 1 tile in wrong position:
Fully open = 1 tile in correct position.

ENERGY: Gained by the potion and Restore spell. Lost by
leaping, contact with creatures, falling etc.

WEAPONS: Certain weapons only operate in certain Time Zones.
Shots left are red boxes in Ammo display. Put 'IN USE' to load
or fire. It unloads if DROPPED. To Load, have weapons 'IN USE'
and 'TAKE' Ammo. Ammo not available in one Time Zone unless you
visit another one.
Pistol/Bullet: Crossbow/Bolt: Wand/Gem.

Scrolls/Potions: To use SWAP when IN USE (light is green).
10 available, each holds 2 Tile combinations. Tiles appear in
visual display. Cannot cast spell unless you own the Tiles.

POTION: Restores some Energy.

CHESTS: 3 Chests: each need a key. Have key IN USE to LOOK, TAKE
or DROP items.

RUNE TILES: 15 different tiles, you can carry no more than 10.

CHARACTER ITEMS: 8 items - each one belonging to one of the
Minds. Dagger, Book, Helmet, Clay Doll, Skull, Map, Emerald
Scarab, Battle Axe.

SPELLS: Warp Ahead/Back = One time zone future/past.
Timestop = pauses time except for player.
Reveal = If in front of Chest, show contents. If you meet a
Character, possessions are shown. You cannot TAKE
any revealed items.
RESTORE = Same as potion
OPEN = If in front of a chest can LOOK, TAKE AND DROP in
option mode.
CHARM = If in a Meeting can charm whilst trading. Spell
broken when go AWAY.
BANISH = Banish all creatures for about 30 seconds.
CHARGE = Reload weapon in USE.
ORACLE = Shows one of 4 Tiles in the Cosmic Pattern - cannot
be taken.

MEETING. Face appears on meeting a great Mind. Always in option
mode and can:
AWAY = Leave meeting.
CAST and SWAP = see options mode.
KEEP = Do not exchange.
DEAL = Exchange items (if you have space)
DROP = Offer to character. If character wants it will offer

If you KEEP item, character may offer other items. If you offer
own character item they will force an exchange. They will all
offer in exchange for a more valued one - unless they are

Last about 7 seconds. A portal appears somewhere in time every
10 seconds. You only see ones on your screen. They follow a
fixed schedule every 10 minutes. You should map these; make a
cosmic coordinates table using the game clock.

Wilderness 2100 AD Lazer Sky the Sand Rat
Holocaust 2000 AD None
Gothic 1900 AD Prof. Wells/Black Flay the Ghoul.
Dark Ages 1000 AD Bella the Witch/Drew the Hermit.
Golden Age 5000 BC Ra Chealsa the High Priestess.
Ice Age 10000 BC Stone Eye the Necromancer
Dawn of Man 50000 BC Grunt the Barbarian.

RATING: Nine grades depending on: proportion of Cosmic Pattern
decoded, number of spells cast and number of flying creatures
destroyed. Fire = New game.

HINTS: Always face ahead before entering Options Mode. The
Guardian is indestructable. The pistol is usually on the start
screen. Ammunition is always in the same place, look in
Furniture, Bushes, Nests, Alcoves etc.
Items never start in the same zone as owner. At the start of the
game each screen has at least one item, in addition to those
in chests, held by characters, or ammunition - each screen has
less than 10 possible locations.

ITEM REPLACEMENT Rune Tiles lost through spell casting and
anything DROPPED are re-distributed in time and space (unless
you are in a meeting).

By thinlizzy

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16-08-2003, 21:10


now i can play this game. it is a shame the manual does not have the spell codes (i.e. the runes needed to play the spells)

where you got this manual?


By mesiasmsx

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30-07-2015, 20:16


By Cris

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27-01-2021, 19:50

Hi guys. After a long time spent studying, mapping and playing this game, I have to register some LACKS that I found ONLY on the MSX version compared to the Spectrum and c64 version, FUNDAMENTAL deficiencies as they prevent you from completing the game.

The MAIN lack is the absence of TWO of the Tiles (Rune Tiles) that you collect together with two other (found) allow you to close the Time Portals and thus conclude the game.
The second lack is the absence in the game screens (7 in total the historical periods, each consisting of 3 screens, in turn composed of 3 floors) of the AX, one of the 8 Objects to be returned to their respective owners (Eight Minds) , specifically Grunt the Barbarian.

Last but not least, the absence of one of the 3 Weapons, of which ammunition is available, that is the Wand.