Sofarun and Loading/Saving games on Cassette and Disks using the C2

By Rafael_Lima

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24-01-2023, 18:44

Hi there!
I've been using the Carnivore 2 with Sofarun for a while now. I can load games on .DSK files with no problem, as also .CAS games.

I don't have a floppy drive or a data-corder connected to my MSX. (I actually tried to use my Gotek with the Carnivore 2, but Nextor doesn't boot... but that's for another day Big smile )

Is there some way to play a .ROM game that saves on disk (Pennant Race 2) or tape (The Castle, Metal Gear) using a virtual .CAS or .DSK file at the same time I load the Rom, so I can save the games?

If it's possible... how to do it?

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By Pharfetchd

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25-01-2023, 19:25

For Metal Gear you should be able to save if you choose Game Master 2 in the rom settings, let that load up & select the GAME option.

iirc Metal Gear while in game is the STOP key, then CTRL, that should bring up a menu with DISK SAVE/DISK LOAD then GAME DATA, once it has finished saving or loading press the STOP key again to continue.

Not a 100% sure if Pennant Race 2 can save using Sofarun's built in Game Master 2 as I could never get it to work with my 1Chip MSX so had to use a real Game Master 2 cart instead, but it may work with the Carnivore 2.

You have to go to the option SELF in the Game Master 2 menu, the SRAM DISK UTILITY then FORMAT, that should set it up for SRAM saves, come out of those menus with the END option then choose GAME. F1 Should save Team Edits.

By Pharfetchd

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25-01-2023, 23:24

Just tried Pennant Race 2 without the Game Master 2 & it seems that Sofarun does create a virtual save without having to use Game Master 2 in the rom settings, you need to save your team edits etc with the F1 key still.

Metal Gear will also work but you need a rom that's patched for saving to disk, F1 to pause, then F5 to save or F4 to load.